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About Midwest Pain Treatment Center

Linda started her career as a mechanical designer, which lead to her interest in movement and how design affects the human body. She wanted to learn more about how to maximize health and wellness. Linda graduated Cum Laude from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2001, then went on to complete her Masters of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine. She looks at the structure of the body, its systems, and how they interact as a means of aiding her clients. Ongoing education is vital to Linda’s practice, keeping up to date on any new techniques which aid clients in their health and wellness. She has completed cranial sacral therapy course work, and has a Medical Oxygen Therapy Certification to enhance the treatment options for her patients. Linda developed a technique called Brain Connections to help with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Stroke, Concussions, and Brain trauma, which can accompany the acupuncture treatment for additional healing.